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The Ford Power Stroke name is legandary for the  quality diesel engine it is.  Diesel lovers have extensively admired the award winning design, extraordinary fuel economy and illustrious loyalty these engines deliver to the market. Owning a Power Stroke is a big investment. Most drivers understand the vehicle is furnished with Power Stroke technology that requries regular maintencing.  Putting your investment into the hands of a diesel mechanic with specific Power Storke expertise is critical for preserving the life of your diesel.  and repairing the precision components.

This is one of the reasons why Ogden Automotive is so pleased to offer Ford Power Stroke service to our customers. Our automotive technicians are true diesel experts, and they understand the unique challenges of Ford Power Stroke engine technology.


Ford Diesel Truck Mechanic

After a decade on the market Ford Power Stroke is one of the most wildly popular and highly used diesel power vehicles out there. Our Ford Diesel mechanics have worked hard over these years to learn the Ford Power Stroke technology. Including the best tools, repair and maintence practices to use on these specialty diesel engines. Our Ford Diesel Repair Shop has the most up to date tools and skilled techs ready to service, repair or amp up your diesels performance.


Ford Diesel Performance

There are more Ford Diesels on the road than any other light duty truck. With that comes more options for to maximize your Power Stroke’s performance and reliability. Ogden Automotive provides a comprehensive service list of  Ford Super Duty Power Stroke Diesel Performance Parts and Upgrades. If you want more torque, more horsepower, or better fuel economy we can hook you up!

Greg is the ONLY shop that works on my cars…. period……end of story. He knows that I am a village idiot when it comes to anything mechanical and always looks after my wallet before his own. Take your car there once and you’ll understand!

Jeffrey Rowland

Take it from a former NAPA auto parts owner for over 37 years! Ogden Automotive is a true professional automotive repair facility ! Since moving to Bonaire 5yrs ago I met Greg Ogden and was extremely impressed with his professional knowledge of the automotive repair industry! Greg Ogden is not a parts swapper! He diagnoses the vehicle with proper high tech equipment, charges proper price and labor rates, but mostly gives professional accurate and timely service! Highly recommend this facility! 5*****s from me!

Neil Vaughn

Highly knowledgeable. Very quick service. Had my car out the same day. Takes care of my mom like family.

Justin Green

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